Family Law, Divorce Lawyers, and the Gateway to Hell

Ann Bradley

Ann Bradley

The system of family law is inherently flawed. It is adversarial where it need not be, and when it needs to be strong it often fails the client.  Civil Codes and family laws are ignored. Lawyers perjure themselves for their clients, make character assassinations and other heinous acts as routine as filing a motion. Lawyers are abusive, expensive and when they become the problem instead of the solution, it’s time to say so.

I first learned this in my own divorce – where better to learn than firsthand?

I was caught in a huge attempt at concealing fraud, with my husband and his attorney in collusion to conceal it, then Kafkaesquelike, planning to blame it on me. They announced this at a settlement conference when asked by the pro tem judge, “Why are you going to trial, there is evidence of the fraud?”

With breathtaking nonchalance, opposing counsel prepared to assist my husband in implicating me in fraud.

At the time I thought I was the only one anything like this happened to. Over the years I have come to learn how common it is.

It took a lot of discovery to unearth the fraud including subpoeanas of clients. I won, but the cost was high. If opposing counsel not been so malignant in encouraging the fraud upon the court, it is possible we might have settled. But how would he earn his $350.00 an hour if we settle? Greed and ego play a big part in the cash cow known as family law. After losing at trial, he wanted an appeal, which they lost. Still on the warpath, opposing counsel wanted to go to the Supreme Court. However by now, my ex had spent enough on his losing battle and stopped the war.

Recently in Dallas there was a judge so incompetent she thought she had the right to eliminate evidence proving sexual abuse. She was exposed and did not get re-elected, but the trauma to the people in her court is severe and they suffer still.

In California, I recently read a transcript where the judge knowingly begins a trial at the wrong time and without both sides present. He ignores this and proceeds without the mother. This was a custody trial. Can you imagine the lack of judicial ethics to begin a trial at the wrong time? Due process? Gone. Constitutional rights? Ignored. This is family court.

In another case, a Silicon Valley attorney announces she is a ‘prima donna’ as if that excuses her abusive treatment of clients, and worse, the outrageous billing for doing nothing. She told one client: “Don’t do discovery. Go ahead and lose and we’ll get the money later.” Really? I hope one of her clients files a bar complaint or sues for malpractice. She should be flipping burgers not bon mots.

In My Divorce

Shocked, stunned and filled with rage at the lack of human compassion, at the malignancy that was this process, I felt trapped. But slowly, a change was washing over me. The more I learned about narcissism and evil, the more I gladly wore the badge they pinned on me labeled “target” . They were working very hard to “get me”, so hard that they had to recreate a world in which I am expendable and they are to get their way. Oh, dear husband, you never focused on me during the marriage as you did then. With humor and grace, as Richard Cohen puts it, I look with amusement at how much time, energy and money he directed at me now.

I was distraught, depressed and angry. Alexander Hamilton said, “The first duty of society is justice.” Where the hell was it?

Divorce lawyers taught me not only are women supposed to be inferior, they run their cases as if we actually are. Divorce is a paternalistic system, even with many female attorneys. It is built on control, concealment of information, and a swirl of paperwork that makes the process understood only by the anointed few.

Sometimes I think “law” is an acronym for lawyers against women. While all the men exit stage left, let me say I also believe the law can be an equal opportunity bastard and be unjust, unfair and biased against anyone or anything.

Why is Divorce Often Harder for Women?

Women are not trained to fight and divorce can be war. Women do not believe it will get dirty and nasty. They do not see their spouse as one who can and will do things which harm everyone including the children. But when money and ego are involved spouses can act without a conscience. You may be amazed at the transformation of your spouse, morphing from someone you knew as kind and compassionate to a stranger who fights with a passion.

With an aggressive, greed driven attorney behind him, he can become brainwashed and encouraged to whip himself into a frenzy.

Money translates into power in the legal system. It allows those who want to punish their spouses the ability to do so legally. As long as there is money, there is someone to represent them.

Inquiring minds want to know: is it possible to have a positive legal experience when dealing with a group of people who believe the truth is a manipulative?

You can read the entire story here: Divorce and Lawyers 

Ann Bradley


  1. So glad I found this website. I have seen you on you tube and admire your success in handling your own divorce. I am going through a complex divorce after 17 years of marriage . He spent the majority of our marriage trying to emotionally abuse me and finally lead to him physically abusing me in 2012. He broke my wrist in a drunken rage. I did get a PFA.

    He filed for divorce before I could. I remain in the marital home and he cannot come here thank God. We have a large amount of assets and money involved in the case. He is a narcissist with deep pockets and likes to pay attorneys to harass me. He uses the legal system to get at me since he can’t do it himself anymore.

    The courts hear anything he wants to lie about in court. I am a retired private investigator so I am pretty familiar with the family laws here in Pa having worked for other people on their divorce cases. I am on my second attorney hoping she can cut to the chase and get this divorce/ settlement moving.

    He pays the min.in spousal support and has found a way to have our joint annuity income stopped so I have to live on the small amount of support. The law says the annuity is in both names and we were collecting it prior to the divorce so they should not allow his attorney to collect these 2 checks for 7,500.00 a month and hold it in her offices escrow account. It is now over 100,000.00 sitting there not collecting interest.

    I have been forced into financial hardship by not having access to my own annuity money to the point where I had to stop paying on the marital credit cards that were due from before we separated. For the first time in my life my credit is ruined.

    There are case laws to prove they are wrong in holding that money but the county where I live case laws do not mean anything. Judges make decisions on their gut feelings instead of enforcing laws that are clear to prevent dissipation of assets and even if you can prove the guy has already lied under oath in a deposition and on interrogatories he still maintains a position of having more credibility than me. Because his attorney presents motions filled with lies that make me look uncooperative and I have followed every order, been patient waiting for the laws we have to protect us to be used in my case to get this going and over. That is still not happening. I have now way to make his attorney give me my own money and I am wondering if the insurance companies that pay out our annuities could step in and force them to give me my money, so I could at least pay my home taxes. If you have any advice please share it with me. I would like to join you in exposing the corruption in the family courts that happen here in Pennsyvania. The laws are ignored, domestic violent victims are more at risk , due to the good old buddy system the cops live by and the judges do not even have backgrounds in family law. They make life changing decisions on what they think, not what the law states. Attorneys do not follow the rules of conduct and play dirty and even when caught or exposed nothing happens to them. My Phone numberis 724-322-2590 I would love to hear from you and join in changing the way these issues are handled.

    • Please consider filing bar complaints against attorneys that violate or ignore the family code and or law. I recently did this in a contested custody case with a lying lawyer and everything got dropped. She dropped her client also. She was investigated by the state Bar although in the end they took no action. That was of little consequence – the important part was to stop her actions and make sure she knew we – and the Bar = knew she was playing fast and loose with the rules. These people (lawyers, judges) get away with what they can because no one stops them. I recently spent some time this holiday with a friend from college who is now a Judge and does about 1/4 Family Law. She confirmed my thoughts that lawyers just go on and on throwing all sorts of crap out there because no one stops them.

      Corruption is in every court in every state. In PA, you might like to talk to Richard Ducote – http://www.ducotelaw.com Tell him Ann Bradley referred you. He should remember me but in case not tell him we met in San Diego for the Motley Crue case and both worked on the big Dallas case in Judge Rankin’s court. Best, Ann

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