Living in A World of Narcissism

there is life after whats his name

Divorcing a Narcissist.
I learned about narcissism by divorcing one.  It was a gut wrenching experience. In one typical day I learned of new lies and betrayals, of family members he turned against me. I watched him micromanage every act to put himself in the best possible light. But I learned how to dispute my own negative thoughts, develop a life that significantly improved and learned that every problem has a lesson and therein lies the challenge and the gift.

Tired of the media and narcissism? It seems like they know it all – and everyone is a narcissist.

But yours is in your home, impacting your health, your kids, your psyche.

And you know it is time to seek out life with joy again. But how?

How much can one person take?  Had enough?

Controlled? Lied About? Gaslighted? Micromanaged? Gone from love-bombed to devalued?

Sick and Tired? Had Enough? Take the steps that lead you out of misery, loss of self-esteem, and find the Joy of Ex. 



The NARCiSSiSM Cosmos

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Welcome to the world of the narcissist.   It looks like the same world of everyone else. But it isn’t.

The world of the narcissist is the Alice in Wonderland, Wizard of Oz version of reality where the Mad Hatter rules and the curtain hides a coward and no one is sure of what they see and everything is distorted.  Welcome to a site for narcissists, their families, workers and friends. If you are struggling with a life of pain and fear and trauma from an interaction with a narcissist, you are not alone. There is help no matter if your narcissist is male or female.

LABELS: Not sure if your abuser is a narcissist? When you are being abused, the labels are less important than you getting help and understanding you are a victim. Don’t ignore the possibility your abuser is a sociopath. This book is startling in its portrayal of the sociopathic personality. They are everywhere, they appear so normal and yet they are stunningly cunning.

You can survive emotional abuse. A narcissist has certain characteristics similar to other emotional abusers.  Learn what they are and how to respond so you do not have to be the victim of narcissism (narcissistic personality disorder).  You don’t have to lose your confidence, hope and passion for life because you are in a relationship with, or experiencing, a narcissist. This experience can be a catalyst for growth and self respect and learning how to cope with difficult events and circumstances.  You can learn the skills to move beyond.

Victimization, divorce, abuse, manipulation, fraud…and much more. Click here right now to  -> Enter  Read, learn, join in the conversation, and find out you are not alone and there is help.

I went to Stanford. What was I doing breaking into my husband’s home to get the evidence I needed to prove my divorce case? How did it come to this?I was soon to discover my education was a liability. Nice girls lose in power battles. Until they get tired of losing and say, “The hell with this crap.”
And when I said that everything changed. Including me.
A Little About The Author Of This Site
Ann Bradley

Ann Bradley

I am Ann Bradley, M.A.  I work as a  Consultant, coach, speaker, and I am the author of Let’s Talk About NarcissismDIVORCE: The Real Truth and Hidden Dangers and Power Guide For Women. 

I  love to see people reclaim their life and laughter after surviving a toxic relationship or difficult divorce.  Understanding the complexities of the situation, being able to grasp reality in a world where the geography seems to lead you nowhere, are foundational to moving out and through a tough time. I have survived hellish divorce, trial and appeal and worked with hundreds to help them through their own complexities.

I attended the University of Pennsylvania, Antioch College, Stanford University (Ph.D graduate studies). I am a certified Positive Psychology coach who studied with Martin Seligman, PhD. from the University of Pennsylvania.

I have extensive experience working with high conflict divorces and the men and women involved in them. I’m not a lawyer but I wrote a winning brief in the 6th District Court of Appeals  in California much to the dismay of opposing counsel, an appellate attorney.  About that experience, “It changed me. It led  me to positive psychology and empowering people to move the mountains in their path.”

Narcissism was my constant companion from my spouse and then his attorney. It revved my engine of injustice and had me dig deep for strength. I used my research skills from Stanford grad school to research the way out – possibility was my mantra, along with, “Land those planes” – a reference to rumination and thoughts that just won’t go away.

**NARCISSISM has many components. Several of the most popular to explore are LACK of EMPATHY and BETRAYAL 

++An excellent book to begin to understand disordered and dysfunctional personalities is  The Sociopath Next Door++